And so it begins …

Simply, I’m a budding writer, in my late twenties, awaiting opportunity. I’ve been writing for about five years now, and I’m still patiently waiting on that “big break” – just like most other budding writers, I suppose. But it’s a different world now, and we create our own opportunities – well, that’s what I’m told 🙂. So, here it goes. I’ve just completed a crime novel titled “A GOOD DAY TO KILL” – about a lone survivor of a London gangland massacre who after a decade returns for just one day to exact vengeance or die trying – and it’s in the process of getting published. So while that process takes it course, and please wish me luck, I’ll begin writing a full-length crime thriller – independent of A Good Day To Kill – on here. At this moment I know most of the beats of the story, all the primary characters, their arcs and fate, and the eventual conclusion of the story, but all the other elements will evolve as I write. I even have a working title, “BROTHER’S KEEPER”, but that’ll be evolving too, if it needs to. I’ll keep the weekly posts – let’s call them EPISODES henceforth – fairly short, but that’s subject to evolution as well. A new episode will be up on Mondays. I’m completely new to blogging, but I’m utterly excited and keen – I know, both words mean the same thing, but that’s how excited (and keen) I am – so please forgive my growing pains.


After an intentionally botched hit, a masterful international hitman is sent back home to lay low and get his mind right. Home is in a small town on the outskirts of London, and there he soon realizes that the only family he has left, the younger brother he left behind, gravely needs him to be the man he wants to leave behind – a destroyer.