Brother’s Keeper Published on Kindle!


I’m extremely excited to share that I’ve published my debut novel on Kindle. It’s called Brother’s Keeper and it’s a crime thriller. Below is a description.

Jay Matthews intentionally goes against orders on a job in New York and triggers an international manhunt. He narrowly escapes New York but is forced by his employers to return to his family home in a quiet suburb in Epsom to lie low.

Jay hasn’t been home in almost a decade. He quickly realises that all is not as it seems in the outwardly affluent town, and his younger brother, Alan, the only family he has left, is in deep with the town’s ruthless criminal underbelly which has strong ties to the Russian mafia.

Jay has one chance to save Alan, but it’ll force him to reveal and forever embrace the hidden life he yearns to leave behind.

And here is a link to a free preview…

I really do hope you enjoy it. This is the first of the Jay Matthews series, and I’ve already started writing the second.