Brother’s Keeper: Episode 23

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Jay ignores Alan’s question and steps out of the hospital room


A taxi turns into Vicarage Road – a desolate street in Guilford, lined with terraced houses – and parks at the top of the street. Jay calmly steps out of the taxi, nods at the driver, and watches the taxi drive off.

He walks purposefully along the street, keenly observing the houses – searching for no. 45 – and his pace steadily quickens, until he is running at full speed.

He notices the Silver Mercedes parked ahead and slows his pace to a brisk walk. He quietly approaches the car and then looks at the house that the car is parked in front of – there is a metallic “45” embedded on the front door.

He walks towards the door, and as he approaches, he hears the door being unlocked and charges at the door.


Slim Charles, dressed as flash as usual and with the duffel bag over his shoulder, opens his front door and is immediately ferociously kicked in the chest. He is driven backwards and crashes hard onto the bottom of his stairway.

Jay calmly steps into the house, shuts the door behind him, and menacingly walks across the small hallway towards Slim Charles, who’s in evident extreme pain.

Slim Charles sees Jay approach, and is overcome with fear. He frantically crawls to the duffel bag, unzips it, and pulls out a handgun. He hurriedly attempts to aim for Jay, but Jay kicks his hand and the gun flies away from his grasp. Jay then kicks him flush in the Jaw and he crashes onto the floor, unconscious.

Jay picks up the gun and aims it at Slim Charles’ head, but he doesn’t shoot. He takes a couple deep breaths to calm his vengeful rage and then lowers the gun. He keenly listens for any movement in the house, but there is none; the house is utterly quiet.

He crouches to Slim Charles and slaps Slim Charles hard across the face.

Slim Charles wakes up and Jay calmly places the barrel of the gun between his eyes. Slim Charles stares at the gun, deathly afraid.

‘Look at my face,’ Jay says calmly.

Slim Charles looks up to Jay and attempts to plead for his life.

‘Don’t speak,’ Jay commands. ‘Just look at my face. If you ever see me again, run. Your life depends on it. I’m Alan’s older brother. If you ever see him, run.’ Jay pauses for a moment to allow the gravity of his words to permeate. ‘The guy you stabbed, I’m his friend. If you ever see him, run. Same goes for Derek. But if you decide not to run, and fight, you better be prepared. Be prepared to die … violently.’

‘I …’ Slim Charles begins to say before Jay swings the gun into his face.

Blood splatters across the room, on the bag and on Jay, as Slim Charles is knocked unconscious.

Jay rises and walks into the rather very tidy kitchen. He walks to the sink and washes the blood off the gun, and then washes his hands. He tears several sheets of paper towel and wipes dry his hands and the gun. He tucks the gun into his waistband and walks back into the hallway.

He stands over Slim Charles and scans the room for the Mercedes key. He spots the key on the floor beside the bag and steps over Slim Charles to walk to it.

He crouches to pick up the key and notices the bag is filled with money, but he doesn’t hesitate, he picks up the key and walks towards the front door.

He steps out of the house, kicks the door shut behind him, and calmly walks to the Mercedes.

He unlocks the Mercedes as he approaches, steps into the driver seat, and smoothly drives away.

As he drives, he pulls out his phone and scrolls through his recent calls to 07859007525 – Robert’s number.

He calls, and it’s immediately answered.

‘I’ll do it,’ he says. ‘For two hundred thousand.’

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